About Us

Sometimes, minor problems become bigger, if you don’t pay attention to them and want to get them fixed in proper way and on time. Home appliances repair is one of them that may raise head any time and without any previous warning. Dharshika AC Repair Service Chennai is well-aware of the same thing and provides you with the right solutions and support for all home appliances – by diagnosing the problem in proper way and then fix it successfully in real time manner.

We are offering precise home appliances repair services in Chennai and surrounding areas – offering such services immediately after getting a mail from your end or a phone call. We reach your given address as per the schedule fixed by you and provide you with the right solutions on time. We have a pool of experienced professionals, who are background checked and certified to offer you precise repairing services and solutions like:

We believe in having a responsibility to provide not only a service in repairing your appliance, but providing you with the knowledge and information on how to get optimum performance from your unit, whilst keeping our planet in mind, saving both you and the environment in power and repair costs.

We collect feedback from our customers through customer satisfaction surveys as appropriate to the characteristics of each business operation, and incorporate their voices into improving product development, marketing strategies, and services.